Vacation Bible School Registration Open!

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This summer’s Vacation Bible School is now accepting registrations for both volunteers and participants. You can sign up online here: Vacation Bible School Registration Form.


Any children from Preschool-6th Grade are welcome to attend this summer’s Vacation Bible School (no younger than 4 years of age).

Dates:                            July 13, 2015 – July 16, 2015

Time:                              6:00pm – 8:30pm

Location:                        201 N. Pierce St.

                                       Delphos, Ohio, 45833 

Registration Deadline:   July 13, 2015

Contact:                         Lynn Bockey at or 419-695-4050 


Chris Druckemiller at 419-302-5719

Cost:                              $2.00 per child or $5.00 family maximum

If you would like a music CD from Everest, these can be purchased separately for $7.00. Please enclose money with participants money, CD’s are pre-sale only! Please make checks payable to St. John’s c/o VBS. Please return all participant and/or volunteer forms to Delphos St. John’s Elementary School or the Ministry Center.


Catholic Schools Week Mass

Catholic Schools Week Mass

The Kindergarten and Senior Friends performed “This Little Light of Mine” to start off the mass. The theme of letting our light shine was evident throughout the entire mass – the Scripture Readings, Homily, and music.

The Alumni were asked to come forward at the end of mass.  Father gave the alumni a blessing and all were celebrated for continuing to let their light shine!

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Catholic Schools Week Pep Assembly

K-12 had a pep assembly to wrap up Catholic Schools Week.  In addition to the cheerleaders and the band, some students came down to juggle in honor of St. John Bosco, some of our students won prizes in a raffle, several students performed dances, and Spirit Sticks were given out for those showing great Blue Jay Spirit!  What a great end to our Catholic Schools Week!

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Help Fund New Science Equipment

Science Lab

New and Improved Science Equipment

Do you remember your times in Science Lab? Of course, we all do.  And do you remember all of those experiments where you broke a test tube or spilled the chemicals?  It is all part of experimenting.

And now, despite your less-than-stellar results in class, many of you have gone on to pursue careers in scientific, health and related fields, and have done very well!

Congratulations – and we are glad we could help!

BUT now we have to replace, replenish, and bring up to date all the supplies that you used!

Your school is desperately in need of equipment for Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy, Biology, Physical Science, and the Junior High Grades.

We have been as frugal as we can, but it is going to take about $20,000 to restock our departments.

It is a big number … but I think you can help us.

Please consider giving a donation to the Science Department. You might like to honor a teacher, or a classmate, or your parents. And if you still have that Blue Jays competitive spirit … the Class of 1969 has raised $1,000 and they challenge your class to outdo them!

We hope you and your class can give $20,000 – but if that amount is a bit too high – we will take smaller contributions too. Actually, we’ll be happy with donations in any amount and we greatly appreciate your support of our science programs!

To give click this link: