Anatomy, Reading & STEM, Oh My!

Our students and staff have been busy learning and discovering!  We are approaching the end of the school year and the days continue to be full.

8th grade STEM Class!
-students completed research on canoes and presented their findings to the class
-students had to build a canoe that could float and hold weight
-canoe was made out of every day materials
-the canoe that could hold the most weight was engineered by Cole and Derek and held 20.3oz.
-the students were then curious -if they had to pick one material – which one would be the best material to build a canoe-
-each group picked one material to build their canoe-their choices were foil, plastic wrap, popsicle/craft sticks, masking tape
-the canoe that was able to hold the most weight was made of foil and was able to hold 112.45 oz. and was engineered by Benjamin and Brice
-in 2nd place-the canoe was made by Marie and Jessica, made of plastic wrap and held 45.15 oz.

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Our 7th grade students visited our 1st graders!  They read books that they created with the 1st grade students.

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Our 2nd graders and their parents attended meetings in church.  They walked throughout our church and learned about the various sacred areas of the church.

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High School Anatomy students are working on learning the muscles and parts of the body by dissecting cats.  This will give preparation to students advancing to medical school and other various fields.  Physics students were able to use any materials they wanted and create mobiles.  Chemistry students completed a dehydration lab!

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Mrs. Holdgreve’s 2nd grade class made Ants on a Log, following directions and using step by step to create them.



Student’s sell McDonald’s Peelers & donate to Ronald McDonald House Charities

The PTO recently sponsored the McDonald’s Peeler sale.  Students had the opportunity to sell the cards for $10 each.  The students helped the PTO raise $1,894 to be used toward teachers needs in the classroom, problem based learning & k-12 technology needs.  Delphos St. John’s donated over $400 to the Ronald McDonald House Charities!

The students sold 421 cards, including the Top Three Sellers shown below.

Landen Grothaus- 45 peelers, Victoria Stemen- 26 peelers & Caden Wright- 20 peelers.  Thank you to all students who sold peelers to make these donations to the PTO and Ronald McDonald House possible!


Mrs. Dew’s 5th grade Students “Taste the Rainbow”

5th grade students are learning Health class can be fun and hands on, as well as informative!  The students created a rainbow with several different types of fruits.  They were able to sample the various fruits, voted on their favorites and then created a rainbow poster highlighting the fruits and the benefits that we get from each type.  Mrs. Dew wanted to emphasize on the importance of eating foods of all different colors as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

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St. Jude’s Mathathon

St. John’s Elementary students participated in the St. Jude’s Mathathon.  The students raised $9,846.08 for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospitals by completing a booklet of math facts and then asking family & friends to sponsor them with monetary donations.  The top three donations were made by 3rd grader Lillian Vonderwell, 1st grader Evie Vonderwell and 1st grader Rory Youngpeter, who raised $405.00 each and tied for the top three students.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  The students who were able to participate will be given a “jean day” this Friday.


DSJ 5th grader Elizabeth Gerow earns President’s Volunteer Service Award

St. John’s 5th grade student, Elizabeth Gerow, was awarded President Obama’s Volunteer Service Award through The Prudential Spirit Community Awards.  She received a letter from the president and Mr. Stant presented the award certificate to Elizabeth during a school assembly.  Elizabeth was nominated and chosen based on the numerous volunteer hours she served in our community, including with the younger Girl Scout Troops and helping teachers during the summer.

To learn more about The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards visit


8th Grade Confirmation Retreat

Today our 8th grade students completed one of the final steps in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation: Retreat Day.

The students began their day in prayer and then broke the ice with a game of “human bingo”.  Some of our High School Seniors helped to lead the retreat.  Witness Talks on Gifts of Self, Gifts We Need and Using Our Gifts were among many of the efforts planned for the students today.

Tomorrow, we venture to Toledo- Our Lady, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation.  Please keep our 8th graders in your prayers for this important sacrament.

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Mrs. Koverman inspires future engineers with hands on learning!

Project Based Learning

A month ago, the engineers visited the second grade, so that gave us an idea to construct something like an engineer might do.

Each group of 2 students were given certain items that they could use for their catapult.  They did not have to use all the items.  Their idea was to see who could construct the catapult to launch a marshmallow the farthest.  It didn’t take long, with a lot of great group cooperation, to successfully make one. The excitement in the air was enormous.  The students were so excited to see what they could come up with. Once it was completed some eighth grade students came to instruct them with some ideas of how they could improve their project.

Mrs. Koverman watched them use inquiry, observation of others, application and thinking skills.  They noticed how the force changes the speed of an object, and in addition to science they used math skills.  After it was completed, each group got to launch their marshmallow to see who’s went the farthest.  Students took turns measuring how far the marshmallows went.

Every student enjoyed this project, while learning, and some have said they now would like to be an engineer when they grow up.

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