First graders use iPads and STEM activities to extend their Literacy Project!

The first graders at Delphos St. John’s have been hard at work!  They read several stories of The Three Little Pigs and discussed the many different literacy elements of each story.  They also discussed the importance of using good materials and knowledge when constructing a building.  The children used the iPads to research different structural elements and materials.  They were excited to use the iPads to discover the fun of literacy and read various versions of The Three Little Pigs.  To extend their thinking, the students were then given a STEM challenge where they had to construct a house out of the given materials (straws, popsicle sticks, etc..) that the Big Bad Wolf (or a hair dryer) couldn’t blow down.  The students learned a lot about literacy elements, research strategies, and various structural concepts.  But, the most fun of all was pretending they were the 3 little pigs and the Big Bad Wolf was trying to blow their houses down! IMG_0038 IMG_0039 IMG_0040 IMG_0041 IMG_0042 IMG_0043 IMG_0044 IMG_0045 IMG_0046 IMG_0047

Our 6th Grade to host Family Movie Night

HSOAC flyer

The 6th grade is hosting a Family Movie night this Saturday in the gym.  The movie is The Lego Movie.  The doors will open at 6:00 and the movie starts at 6:30.  The fee to get into the movie is a donation to the Allen County Humane Society.  We will be having a bake sale to raise money for the Humane Society as well.  From 6-6:30, we will be making toys for the animals.  Come and enjoy a night with family while supporting the Humane Society of Allen County!

Mr. Stant participates in the BookIt Principal Challenge “Read Your Heart Out”

The BookIt program challenged principals across the nation to “read their heart out” during National Young Readers Week.  Principals chose a day to read all day long, from the first bell to the last.  (On the roof, in a costume, with a pig…!)  St. John’s theme was “Kingdom & Treasures” so Mr. Stant wore a crown and kings robe.  Fun was had be all!



Our Students Celebrate & Honor Veterans!

The students of Sr. Joella’s third grade wrote letters to thank Veterans for their service and bravery.  Evelyn Mueller is holding a picture of her Aunt Kristy who is in the Air Force.  If the students did not know another Veteran, they wrote to Kristy.


Our 3rd grade students in Mrs. Myers classroom wrote letters to area veterans!

IMG_3245 IMG_3247 IMG_3249 FullSizeRender-6

Our fifth grade students listened to local veterans talk about the wars they were a part of.  One of our veterans was 92 years old and was a veteran of WWII.

photo-30photo-33 photo-32 photo-34

Fr. Dave attended our local Veterans Memorial for a service honoring all veterans.


Students in Mr. Dave Desenberg’s History Class take a Canal Field-trip

In Your Backyard local history class, recently participated in a field-trip along the Miami and Erie canal as part of a culminating activity for their unit on The Transportation History of Delphos. Students spent the day exploring various sites on the Miami and Erie canal that had been studied during their transportation unit. Stops along the way included visits to Deep Cut park, Six Mile Creek aqueduct, Bloody Bridge, the locks in Lockington, Ohio and the ultimate destination, Johnston Farm and Indian Agency in Piqua, Ohio. At Johnston Farm and Indian agency, the students explored the locks located in Locking- ton, the museum, and the John Johnston family home and farm. The highlight of the day was a an actual trip on the canal boat, the General Harrison, on a part of the Miami and Erie canal that has been restored to its original working condition. Our guide for the day was Mr. Andy Hite, Executive Director for the Johnston Farm and Indian Agency, who proved to be a valuable source of information. The journey back home to Delphos involved stopping in New Bremen and St. Mary’s to investigate how those two communities have restored the canal and their downtown area to their 19th century grandeur as a way to bring about local tourism and economic development. Students on the field-trip enjoyed the day tremendously and gathered valuable insight on how and why Delphos developed as a result of the Miami and Erie canal.

IMG_1186 IMG_1190 IMG_1200 IMG_1207 IMG_1209 IMG_1218 IMG_1220 IMG_1222 IMG_1226

Eighth Graders Learn through Cross Curriculum

In the eighth grade we focus on writing informative pieces to examine topics and convey ideas.  For this project, we “crossed the curriculum.” First, the students had to select an animal they liked and gather more facts about them. (science), Then they researched the origin of their animal and the period it lives or lived in. (history) Next, they studied about geometric shapes, and were asked to select several to design their animal with. (math) Upon completion, the students wrote an informative writing piece about their animal using adjectives to describe their animal (language/writing) Finally, they displayed their “Geo-Animals” in the hallway for everyone to see and read about. (Art)
Hayleigh Bacome, Peter Ankerman, Betty Vorst,
Skye Stevenson, and Ean Boecker.