Bunge Safety Day

Today our 2nd graders in Mrs. Holdgreve’s and Mrs. Koverman’s classes attend the local Bunge Safety Day.  The students learned about several different safety measures on farms, water and the workplace.  Two of our students, along with two from each school who attend, were chosen in a bicycle giveaway!

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PTO Potted Mum Sale

The Delphos St. John’s PTO Potted Mum Sale is going on now until September 5th. Get your orders in for a 9″ potted mum for your fall decorations, many colors to choose from. They are $10 each, or buy 4 get the 5th one free. The proceeds will be used to buy materials for the teachers’ classrooms. Thanks for your support!


Download order form below:

Mums-Order-form-2014.pdf (48 downloads)

Delphos St. John’s Text & Email Alerts

Would you like to sign up for the text or email alerts from Delphos St. John’s? It’s simple! Parents, grandparents, students & community members can all benefit from knowing when a school delay or change to athletics occurs!

How to Sign Up for Instant Alerts
1.) Go to http://www.ohioalerts.org/
2.) Select Delphos St. John’s
3.) Click “Subscribe to Alerts”
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7.) Select Lists to Subscribe to. Be sure to select the “Delphos St. Johns Alerts-Schools” and this is the new part, please select the graduating class of your student or students currently enrolled in the Junior High/High School. This will allow me to send Alerts that will be affecting those grades directly, rather then school wide. Please spread the word in letting others know to sign up, including students, so we can keep the lines of communication open.
8.) Enter Characters Shown
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10.) Click Subscribe, and you are now added to our Text/Email Alert System.

NEW Arrival & Dismissal Policy

A BIG THANK YOU to all who have followed the new arrival & dismissal procedures and made it so successful!  Thank you for your patience as we work together to assure the children are safe coming in and leaving school.


2014-15-Arrival-and-Dismissal-Procedure.pptx (182 downloads)   Power Point Presentation

Arrival-And-Dismissal-Plans.pdf (74 downloads)   Written Policy

140818-site-safety-2014.pdf (72 downloads)   Visual Map

Video – http://youtu.be/U68-7ds_3cQ

DSJ Window Clings

The Cheerleaders are selling DSJ Window Clings through August 22nd!  Print the order form by clicking on the link below.

Cling-order-form-14-1.pdf (97 downloads)

You can drop the order form in the collection basket, return to the Ministry Center or mail to school:
St. John’s High School
Attn: Tricia Patton
515 E. Second St., Delphos

Question?  Call Tricia Patton @ 419-303-5376 or email at tricia.patton@gmail.com